You improve life

We believe you are key for better products, services, politics and all the other stuff of life. Through your opinions designers, manufactures, politicians and many more can improve their work. This comes back to you as better products, services and politics and all the other stuff of life.

Direct feedback between end-user and designer is hard, expensive and time consuming today. We want to change this. With Xpleo you can communicate directly with designers, manufactures, politicians and of course all other users - for free. Using a simple vote-system you can have your say on anything, even in languages you don’t understand. No typing, nothing lost in translation, just point, click and vote.

Voting improves life. Your life. That’s why. Join.

The Big Idea


Multicultural volunteers working free time on Xpleo beta. Look at jobs.

Development & design: Ismail, Anda
Content & Administration: Nicholas, Jesper

Contact us

Xpleo IVS
Flaesketovet 75
1711 Copenhagen V
CVR: 39115603



Throughout the process of launching this project, we have met people and organizations that have provided us with help and solutions in many different directions, from Engineer Unions and Office Hotels to Private People and Professional Advisory Boards, all pro bono.

To each and everyone, we are VERY grateful and owe a large part of our startup success to the support from our network.

In no particular order these are:

FAB-IT - Web Hosting
CoPlay - Creative Office Hotel
PIXandDOTS - Animations and Illustrations
IAK - Danish Engineer Union
AAU - Aalborg University
Synnestved - Strategic Marketing
Bjørnvig//Relations - Strategic Communication
StartUpBootCamp - Advice
Europe Unlimited and Nordic Venture Forum - Advice
Louis Pilmark and Jeppe Ritz - Video animations
O&O - The One and Only angency
Mads, Line, Nicholas, Mette, David, Mira, Abiola, Henrik, Sid, Stefan, Sune and many more.

Thank you for all your patience, advice, and continued encouragement.